Are you doing what God called you to do?

Today is a lazy summer’s day in Witbank, South Africa.  It has been raining all day and I was so frustrated yesterday, when I got home from work I couldn’t do my laundry.  There was no water as usual.  I was so frustrated that I actually broke down and cried.  To top it off we went out the evening to my husband’s Works Christmas function.  It was nice; the people are very different to what I thought.  We had photos taken and had a lovely relaxing evening.

As we were having dinning we received a call from Alezandra, my husband’s daughter.  She was very upset as something bad had happened to one of the kittens.  Unfortunately the poor kitten is not going to make it, a chair fell on its head and blood came out of it mouth and nose.  She has since tried to keep it warm and make sure it will live.  I don’t believe it is going to but I cannot make the decision to take the kitten from her.  I feel sorry for her suffering and don’t know how long the poor kitten is going to fare.

Just do what God has called you to do, ‘Stay within the [boundaries] of the work which God has set for you’ 2 Corinthians 10:13

I have been assigned to looking after my husband and two young children.  My children are all grown up and I thank the Lord that I can entrust them in God’s hands.  I believe and know that God will keep them all safe.  Now it is my job to ‘pay careful attention to my own work, for then I will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and I won’t need to compare myself to anyone else.’  Galatians 6: 4

Being the very competitive and ambitious kind of woman, I am constantly measuring myself against other people.  I normally think that I am capable and am in control over my life but as of late I feel in adequate and very incompetent.  

For me to make my life a success I feel that I have no other options but to draw near to God.  I have to clothe myself with the Fruit of the Spirit.  Take up the job God called me to do and work to the best of my abilities.  So for the next couple of days and months I am going to have to focus on Love, in looking for the highest good in others.  Relax and start enjoying my life, being glad that my circumstances aren’t that bad.  I am looking for peace in my life and I am praying the Lord will help me to stay content, and be united with my husband and new children.  As for my patience, I am learning to slow down and not speak my mind and not allow myself to become angry so often.  Being kind and merciful, sweet, and tender isn’t something I can do well so I would have to really work at this.  I don’t mind being generous and open hearted so I think I have some goodness in me.  I know that I am faithful to my God and especially to my family and husband.  I know that one can depend on me, I am too loyal.  Humility is something I am really focusing on lately, so my gentleness and calm is something I am dealing with in my own way.  Self-control is really difficult so I have to watch my behaviour lately.

Are you doing better than me?  Let me know what you are doing different, I am looking to learn and improve in my own life.

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