Andus van Niekerk – a tribute to my darling husband.

Let me tell you about this man, Andus van Niekerk.  He is a gentle, kind hearted man with beautiful blue eyes and ash blonde hair.  His kind and gently disposition makes him seem aloof but he actually is listening to every word I say.  Never judges and never compares me to other women.  

Thinking of my husband, companion and best friend and wanting you to know just how much I love him and how in love I am with him.  I can remember the first time we met.  Both of us still in primary school, he had such beautiful white blond hair and his blue eyes were perfect.  We were good friends and I was his girlfriend for a while.  Then of course we both grew up and went our separate ways.  After 30 years I received an email message from Andus.  “Would you like to go for a coffee?”  My goodness, I couldn’t believe it.  ‘Yes, why not.’

We met at a restaurant not too far from my little town house.  It was so nice to see him after so many years, he had changed in that he grew much taller than I and he was stronger and of course he had load of muscles.  When he looked at me it felt like my knees were going to give in and my world seems to be so unstable.
I was smitten with him from the very start.  

We decided to get married and I had to make the most difficult decision in my life, leave my job, my children and everything familiar to me and move to a little town with bad water and almost no electricity.

To encourage me, he sent me to attend some fine arts classes, I love to paint, my flowers came out beautiful, I am painting when I can. I enjoyed being able to express myself in an artistic manner.  Then I wanted to try my hand at writing my own blog, he set me up and today I am writing away.  I actually have so much to say thank you.

He truly completes me and we have been married for two years and this time seems to fly.  He has a strange sense of humour and he can laugh at me and find many of the things I say and do fun.  I am of course so grateful for all he does for me.  I love the smell of him, his hands looking for mine when we walk around the shops, the opening and closing of the car door.  He would check on me constantly to make sure I am happy and comfortable, never once complaining about his own needs.

I truly love him and I want him to know that he completes me; he is my best friend and my confidant I cannot see my way forward without him.  I feel like I am the luckiest woman alive. 

‘Bokkie, baie dankie vir alles wat jy vir my doen, sonder jou kan ek nie my lewe voorstel nie.’

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