Which way LORD?


Psalm 32:8 (AMP)

I [the Lord] will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.
In life we need guidance and we want to sort of know that we are on the right ‘track’.  So now we read in scripture ‘The Lord will instruct us and teach us’. 
How do we know we are getting in line with what God wants from us?  Firstly I believe we need to get down to basics, we need to spend time in God’s word.  The only way to know what God wants of us is to keep our quiet time with God.  Reading our Bibles, keep a journal and praying and mediating on the Word of God.
We know that we can speak to God any time of the day or night the thing is; are we prepared to put in the time to spend in HIS presence?  In spending time in the Word we learn more of God and it gives us the opportunity to hear the Holy Spirit.  We start to open the line between us and God.  The Holy Spirit moves over our lives and we just come into line with what God wants for us.
Prayer Lord please bear with us and please instruct us and teach each one of us the way You want us to go.  We are asking YOU Lord Jesus for Your counsel and please keep Your eyes upon each one of us.  Amen!

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