Burning issue: Am I a stumbling block? [Jesus Christ is my Lord]

Psalm 69: 6 

6 O Lord God of the armies of heaven, don’t let me be a stumbling block to those who trust in You.  O God of Israel, don’t let me cause them to be confused, 

A constant checking and searching of my life I truly hope that I am not a stumbling block to any of my family and friends.  God knows my heart and I can be difficult and I don’t accept things just the way they are.

I have noticed people will place little notes around on Facebook for instance if you feel people have disappointed you, it is because you looked to people for guidance and not to God.  Seriously!  In all my ears have I come to realize that people are fickle and they will disappoint you?  I cannot say that I will trust people on face value; I have to get to know you before I will let you into my personal space.
I trust and believe in God, not matter what other people say or think.  To me if it is written in the Word of God then God said it and I believe it and that is that.


Lord God, it feels like I am born again, I believe and trust in You.  Thank You Lord Jesus that You died on the cross for my sins; washing me white as snow with Your Blood.  Lord and giving me the boldness to confess “I am the righteousness of God in Christ.”  Amen

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