Your social position is unimportant [Christ is]

Romans 12: 2

Colossians 3: 11 (TLB)

11 In this new life one’s nationality or race or education or social position is unimportant; such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ is what matters, and he is equally available to all.

As ambassadors of the Living God through Christ, we are representatives our Lords kingdom.  We have accepted Christ into our lives and now we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds.
Life changes and people change all the time, we realize that God sees us through Jesus Christ, looking not our social position, our nationality or race, not even our education impresses God.  Reminding us that we are moral and nothing we do equals Gods love and grace and mercy.

As we stand before God today, He views us through the Lord Jesus Christ our advocate, making us acceptable to God.


Heavenly Father, we thank You Lord God for another day, thank You that You view us through Your Son Jesus Christ and that the Holy Spirit is helping us with the renewing of our minds as we read the Bible and pray each day.  In Jesus Name, Amen

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