“Calm the storm within your own life.” #Holy #Spirit #Love #Sanctuary

Exodus 25: 8
8 Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.

God is dwelling among us right now.  I believe the minute we have received the Lord Jesus as our God and savior He comes into our lives, living within us.  We are set apart and we need to be reminded that God chose each one of us.

Remember God called you by name, you are His.  We are sealed with the Holy Spirit and that makes each one of us different and Holy.

It is my heart’s desire to draw near to God each and every day.  I want to become more and more like the Lord Jesus, and I know I have the ability.  My challenge is practicing and focusing on this each and every day.  I don’t want my relationship to be a religious practice and I don’t want to be someone doing everything out of habit.  My habits are almost set in stone, I stick to what I am used to.

Over the weekend I received a word from God telling me to “Calm the storm!  Turn back to the Lord Jesus.”  I have been so busy with all kinds of things, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, washing, and ironing.  The list goes on and on, I am physically tired when I go to bed.  I just don’t seem to have a 5-minute break, I am constantly moving. 

May you “calm your storm” today and turn your focus back to the Lord Jesus.  Build a sanctuary for the Lord God to come and inhabit.  Let God take residence in Your life, life with you and make you holy. 


O Lord God, as you instructed the Israelites to build You a sanctuary so that You could take up residence with them and be in the midst of the Israelites, today we pray.  Holy Spirit comes and take up residence within our lives.  We are living stones and we sacrifice our selfishness to You asking to forgive us.  In Jesus Holy Name.  Amen 

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