You are a Blessing to me!

Working in a multiracial office is always interesting, and my story today is one about sharing and looking out for each other.  

Our cleaning lady doesn’t earn much and I doubt even if they are paying her ‘mini mum wages’.  Nevertheless the people in our office know this and worry about her.   One of the young ladies decided to give her a newspaper with all the latest add in it.  As she paged through the paper she sat next to her and asked her ‘what do you like’.  

Looking at the stuff on the page she pick out a couple of things that seemed impossible to own and said to this young girl.  I like this and I would love to have one of these.

Without her knowledge the Human Resource division made a collection and they then assigned the task to the young lady to buy the things Judy wanted.

We gave her, her gifts today.  I was amazed at her gratefulness, tears of joy running down her face and all she could say was “Thank You God”.

God blesses each one of us with what we have and it is natural to want to keep everything to ourselves but something I learned today was the gratefulness of someone.  They weren’t expecting anything and were happy before they received what they got.

Accepting what you have and being thankful is important, we never realize what it means to have nothing,  loaf of bread, a little of milk, some peanut butter or jam.

The challenge is can you bless someone?  If so, why haven’t you?  Are you so busy that it slipped your mind?  Concisions are like; little wheels, it reminds you constantly, it turns in your head.  Going away but returning to you later.
Lord God, humbly I pray for the ability to be a blessing in the lives of people I can help.  Bless me today and help me become the blessing You wanted me to be.  In the name of Jesus Amen


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