Good Morning!!!! #ABBA #FATHER

Sorry guys, this week has been hectic and I literally have been running off my feet.  I just want to ask you to please tune into my program today at 12 CAT.  I also want to share something with you.

I baked a cake and am busy decorating it, "Top Deck" inside meaning chocolate and vanilla cake.  Covered in White fondant with beautiful cake toppings.  I will put a pic up for you to see later.

Here is a question for you today:  "How am I settling for what is good when I could have what is better?"  Where do you find yourself?

Something else I am dealing with my mouth, my attitude and my way of thinking, I wish I was so forgiving as Moses was.  The Prophet Hosea gives us 3 keys to use in becoming happy

  1. are you willing to return to God?
  2. do you love God and His commandments?
  3. are you waiting for God and do you put your faith in Him?

Wow what an awesome God we serve.  I am working on these questing and keys for my own life.  May this day be a blessing, remember you need to also praise God.  We all grow spiritually with praising God.

You are a blessing thank you for reading my thoughts today.

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