Normal - is over rated.

‘I am the first, the last, the only God; there is no other god but Me.’ Isaiah 44: 6

Thinking about this the Lord God was the first, is the last and the only God on this earth.  I don’t believe we really can understand the greatness of our true God.  Tonight it is my desire to draw near to the Lord God and become more and more like the Lord.  God sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins.

Thinking back to a time in the early days of the year 2000 my ex-husband and I with our three children were invited to attend act of a hypnotizer.   The poor man just could not get the people go under and from the stage he walked straight to me and said ‘Stop praying, this isn’t a evil thing I am doing.  It’s just for fun and we don’t want to harm you or anybody else.’  I was shocked at this reaction and couldn’t believe his outburst.  The fact of the matter is that the magician wasn’t able to get the people to go under hypnosis and that made the audience angry as well as the hypnotiser.  We left the theatre and went home, my ex-husband was very angry with me and told me I should stop my nonsense and behave like any normal person.

Anyway long story short, it seems I am not a normal person as I still love the Lord God with all my heart, body and mind.  I still believe God is in control over my life and He is my everything.  My life cannot change unless my Lord permits it to and that sits well with me.  I am blessed and the righteousness of God in Christ.

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