# Future

Isaiah 3:10Living Bible (TLB)
10 But all is well for the godly man. Tell him, “What a reward you are going to get!”
Today it is my privilege to come to you with this wonderful news, ‘What a reward you are going to get!’
This year is going to be your year of great and wonderful opportunities, God is going to open doors for you that has always been closed.  You are going start that book you always thought of writing, you are going to take control over your eating habits, you are going to save the money to take that trip you have always dreamed about.
You only have ‘Future’ ahead of you.  I want to encourage you today to grab hold of this one word ‘Future’ and think of the possibilities it has for you.  Nothing, but nothing can come before you and the Lord your God.  God said in Isaiah ‘Tell him, “What a reward you are going to get!”
Godly woman or man – your future is bright and waiting for you. 
Abba Father, as godly women and men we come before You today asking humbly give us the wisdom and understanding to grab hold of Your Word today.  Lord let this word come alive within our souls so that we may enjoy the abundance You have in store for us.  We thank You Lord in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!

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