Say no to sin.

Genesis 3:4-6 (TLB)

“That’s a lie!” the serpent hissed.  “You’ll not die! God knows very well that the instant you eat it you will become like him, for your eyes will be opened—you will be able to distinguish good from evil!”  The woman was convinced.  How lovely and fresh looking it was!  And it would make her so wise! So she ate some of the fruit and gave some to her husband, and he ate it too.

You know one thing that I have noticed here is that the woman desired to become wise and she wanted to distinguish good from evil.  When she listened to the serpent who was selling her the forbidden fruit, these things must have been on her mind.

Sin is always present we all know good from evil the thing is are we willing to let go of sin and take hold of good?

Our desires are always on our minds.  We want so many things and we do desire so much in this world.  The sad part is that we do not understand that we are just here for a short while and then we are on our way to heaven.  We need to prepare for our eternal life.  How on earth can that be part of this message?  Well, it clear we have to make the decision concerning our lives. 

The Lord has sent the Holy Spirit to constantly remind and reveal to us what it is we need.  When we act incorrectly we hear Him speaking to us, we either correct it or ignore it.


O Lord Jesus, You know our desires and understand our dreams.  Help us to stay focused and connected to You.  Holy Spirit shapes our hearts and souls so that we will know right from wrong, good from evil.  We love you Lord Jesus, Amen

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