Book Review - Woman to Woman

Name of the Book:                         Woman to Woman
Author:                                           Joyce Meyer
Personal Quality Rating:                5


I love reading books that were written by this author; she is focused on teaching the Word of God and explaining how we are able to incorporate the word into our daily lives.  Woman to woman is one of those books that touch every aspect of a woman’s life.

The writer focuses on key issues that affect each and every woman at some stage in their lives.  I have found that each of these issues that have been highlighted was prevalent at some time in my life.   
The book is easy to read and understand; constantly bringing the reader back to the Word of God with scriptures that make it understandable and how to incorporate the word into your own life.

I believe that because experienced each of the issues she highlighted it was easy to express her in such a way that other woman could relate.  The woman of today has a lot on their plates and as the writer says we all wear different “hats”. 

Social/Historical Context

Woman to woman is based on the writers live experiences and how she learned to trust in God Almighty with all the issues she faced.  The message she wants to bring across is that we can do even better when we have someone on our team.  That someone is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe because the writer has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ it is possible for her to reveal all the key elements to make one journey that much easier.

Writing Style

The writer definitely knows what she is talking about; she has personal experience in these matters and has valid answers which can assist woman in similar circumstances.  The writing style is common place as well as evocation.    The writer is narrating her own life story and how she dealt with numerous circumstances with an ability to constantly draw on God’s help.

My thoughts

As Christian woman today we need to learn how to deal with issues in our lives, the writer has the ability to bring the Word of God into her writing, based on facts and circumstances.  The writer has to my mind a living relationship with the Lord God.

I believe many of the key issues that the writer wrote about are exactly what I have been struggling with in my own life and now I can see another person’s perspective on how to deal and relate to these issues.

You cannot fail in purchasing this book, it can only help you move forward in life and help you build a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, I would definitely say this is a good read and you cannot go wrong in reading this well written, easy to read Book.

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