Identify in what kind of relationship you are in.

Genesis 2: 22 Then the Lord God made a woman … and be brought her to the man.

Firstly, Let me give praise and honor to the Lord God of Israel my Abba Father, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.   Based on this verse I believe that God made a woman to be a “helper to her husband.”  When you get involved with people it is important to check the relationship and people you are getting involved with. 

According to 1 Corinthians 12 verse 10 “… the ability to distinguish between spirits.”  Is one of the gifts God has given us, and regarding distinguishing between spirits I believe it is imperative to check your mate.  Love is blind but the neighbors aren’t. 

Some interesting traits to be aware of are listed as follows: people with a negative spirit, they tend to draw you down.  You should beware of a person with a controlling spirit or vindictive spirit someone whom feels hurt and wants to get back at people or the world; and someone who shows resentment often.  This negative type of person is normally very arrogant and bossy.  I am almost tempted to state an abusive and domineering person.

Something to keep in mind is that this person is normally very charming and so charismatic but the devil lives right inside of them. 

My advice on this subject is speaking, to God about any person you want to get involved with, keep an open mind and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Pay attention to all the tell-tale signs.  Be careful.
Be safe and keep God first in your relationship.  You can never go wrong.  Blessings

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