I am being plagued by my past transgressions.

Proverbs 28: 13
“He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper,
But he who confesses and forsakes them
Will find compassion.”

As a Christian I have to say that I have sinned badly and it plagues my mind day and night, to such an extent that I feel miserable and really bad about who I am.  The truth is I have confessed my sins, to the person involved as well as confession to the LORD.

The devil is sly and will come around on days when my mood is really low, my self-esteem is nonexistent.  I will get these kinds of messages “Ah, please Yvette, you can’t whitewash your sins and think you are able to get away with it.”

I have been a Christian for many years and I believe that I definitely didn’t arrive and that I am still on my life’s journey.

I have honestly and earnestly confessed my sins; I have spoken to the people concerned and was told to carry on with my life.

I know that when I confess my sins, God is faithful and He forgives me time and time again.  I have come to a place in my life were I need to trust in Jesus and allow Him to transform my thought patterns and help me in doing what is right.  Oh my goodness I fail on a regular basis and I believe that Jesus Christ is faithful He forgive me and lifts me up again.

I want to remind you that Jesus is the key to solving your past sins and mistakes.  You only need to confess and believe and trust in Him.


O Lord, the truth is that I always worry about my past mistakes and the decisions I took.  You have been there every step of the way, warning me and I chose to sin anyway.  I humble myself and I say thank You Lord for the forgiveness of past sins.  Thank You that I can come and ask You to help me keep on the straight and narrow.  I am grateful that I am able to still sit at Your feet and confess the sins I feel is clouding my spirit and keeping me away from You.  I trust and believe that You have a better plan in place and the design of my life is in the palm of Your hands. I praise and worship You for hearing my humble prayers.  I pray for friends and family going through the same things, I pray for wisdom and insight to deal with difficult circumstances.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

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