Me in the News Paper!

Witbank News, Friday 15 June 2012, Berta and Yvette

I must tell you I have moved to Witbank and am living here about two years and this is a tight knit community.  You don’t just make friends with the people around here.  Nevertheless I made a friend one evening while I was attending a Karate Grading for the children.  My new friend Berta van der Spuy was outside in the cold just like me waiting for her grandson.  We started to chat as I invited her to take a seat next to me on the bench before one of the large windows looking into the Dojo.  Well we talked about all kinds of events and the things the kids got up to.  She invited me to go and visit her at her Clinic.  I decided to pop around her place one morning and then she said to me would you like to join us for a ‘Pyjama Party’.  I said sure I can make a plan with the kids and come along.  

So it was arranged my husband works most weekends and would not be home on the Friday evening and I left the two kids at home and went in my pyjamas to this party.  We had a great time, a lot of laughter and fund.  It was a party to raise some funds for the needy and to get the community involved.  I pledged my time to bake a lovely cake and do some typing.  One of the doctors bought my pledge and said she would call on me when she needed to have something typed up for her.

Nice ladies, all very professional and very wealthy, one of the ladies that stood out for me was of course my friend Berta.  She is very down to earth and very sweet, always laughing and she seems so happy with her own life.  I have decided to write a review on her life and how she managed to become so successful.  I am compiling some information about her and then will write an article about her life’s success.  

The other ladies I thought were also most gracious and very kind are Wilma Erasmus, she is the chairperson of the SACBW in Emalahleni (The South African Council for Businesswomen).  She is open and kind and has a lovely way about her.  Once I get to know her a little better I will try and get some of her time and write a review on her too.

See you soon!!

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