Prayer of Thanks

Daniel 2: 23 “I thank You and praise You, O God of my Fathers, For You have given me wisdom and power; even now You have made known to me what we requested of You, for You have made known to us [the solution to] the king’s matter.”

Some battle can be intense I mean really intense you feel that if you don’t win this battle your whole life is going to fall apart.  Then you find on the other hand that in the midst of the battle you actually should have been praying about this particular problem but the carnal you thought better.  Are you able to relate?

My battles are intense for me but in fact, they probably aren’t that big of a problem, I think they are more focused on relationship issues and to be honest I have to work hard at it.

Daniel was faced with a problem and it would have affected all of them Daniel and the rest of the Kings wise men.  Daniel was a Godfearing man and spoke to God all the time.  What I like about Daniel is that he brings praise and worships the LORD God his Father for the wisdom and power that Daniel received.  Daniel didn’t believe he was this know it all, we asked the LORD to help him and then God answered Daniel.

As you know I have been going through a number of battles and my mood and attitude was also affected by these circumstances.  I have had to deal with family issues, relationship issue and other issues that I just can't talk about.  The thing is I always want to see if I can sort the problems out first before I actually bring it to the Lord.  So carnal wouldn’t you agree, but that is exactly what I do. 

As of late I have decided enough is enough, I am not able to deal with all of this nonsense and I cannot do this anymore.  Losing weight and feeling stressed because I lost my appetite and feel miserable and stiff-necked all the time isn’t doing me any good.

I sat on my bed one morning pouring out all my problems before the Lord, crying and fighting and crying.  After all the praying, murmuring and moaning, I asked the LORD humbly to forgive me.  To forgive my family and my forefathers and anybody that may have been instrumental in making God angry.  I also was thinking of Nehemiah and thought let me also ask for God’s promises to be realized in my own life.

With that said and done, I reminded God of His promises and I left it at that.  Confessing of sin and walking away from them is important and getting right with God is even more important.  This is where I need to come in with the Praising now.

Everything said and done, I believe that God is faithful and that He listens to our heartfelt cries, He can see the pain and hurt we are enduring.

Praise You, ABBA Father for being there when I needed You most.  Praise YOU. LORD for answered prayers.  Praise You for the time that I can spend in Your presence.  Praise You for the loving kindness and mercy You have towards me.  Praise You for answered prayers.  Praise You for being kind and merciful.  Forgiving me and helping me face a new day.  For gifts undeserved.  For supernatural favor in my life.

Lord, You are awesome and wonderful and I love YOU with all of my heart.


Abba Father, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I want to bring praise to Your Holy Name, I want to say thank You for answered prayers.  Thank You for hearing my cries, thank You for being there for me.  Showing me Your mercy and loving-kindness, thank You also for keeping me still under Your wings.  I take shelter with You and praise You with all my body, heart and soul and mind.  In the Lovely name of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen

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