God please turn back the clock for me.

2 Kings 20: 11
“So Isaiah the prophet called out to the LORD,
and He brought the shadow of the steps ten steps
backward by which it had gone down
on the sundial of Ahaz.”

I believe God gives all of us a choice and we need to make the right decisions.  When reading 2 Kings 20 you will see that King Hezekiah is deadly sick.  Isaiah the prophet comes and tells the King, you are going to die, get your house in order.

One we have to keep our house in order because we do not know when the appointed time is.  For all we know today may be our last day and then we leave our homes in a mess.  I have been worried about my home for some time and am constantly trying to keep everything in order.

King Hezekiah asked that the clock be turned back 10 steps because he knew this would be a challenge.  I was reading this and God is so faithful He moves the dial back ten steps. 

Now this inspires me because I believe God is able to restore my life, I am asking God to help me with lost opportunities, you know I am struggling to deal with past mistakes, I believe God will sort them out.

I believe God to restore the lost relationships with my family and friends, I am believing God to restore what had been taken from me.  I believe God is moving things into place for me.  I am holding on to a hopeful expectation that God is in control and I can trust in Him.


Abba Father, I am calling out to You today asking that LORD God You please restore my life.  I admit that I had sinned and I have been praying about this for so long.  I am expecting a hopeful future and I am expecting that YOU will deal with my lost opportunities and that You are able to turn back time.  Here is my life, I am asking Lord help me.  I pray this in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.  Amen

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