Prayers to God, not to idols

1 Corinthians 8: 4 "Therefore, as to the eating of food offered to idols, we know that "an idol has no real existence," and that "there is no God but one."

Drawing closer to God is one of the highest priorities in my life today. Without God I am nothing.

Idols are stone or wooden objects and I know so many people idolize someone too. My thoughts around idols are they cannot help me in my hour of need, I need to have someone I can call on, that someone is God.

I want to remind you that God is real and can take you from strength to strength.

Praise God for being real and really loving you for who you are.


Lord You have given us the opportunity to have the Word at our finger tips and as we meditate and read through Your word today.  Bless each one of us.  Lord I have taken the stand to trust in You with each and every aspect of my life, I have made so many mistakes and I don't know how to rectify them on my own.  I dedicate my life back into Your hands declaring that I do trust in You with the knowledge that You have a great plan in place for my life, I hand over the reins to my life into Your hands.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen


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