Hebrews 11: 5-8 (Saw this scripture in my dream)

* Rapture * - Enoch also trusted God. Therefore, he does not die like other men, but God brought him to heaven. They sought him everywhere, but could not find him, because God took him away. Before it happened, however, everyone spoke of the fact that God was proud of the way in which Enoch lived.
This cannot happen if one does not trust in God. And there is a good reason: one will only seek God and go to Him if you are convinced and trust that he is there and that He receives people who come to Him with open arms.

* Salvation * - Also think of Noah. He believed what God had said to him, and had seriously built a ship to save his family. Believers listened and did, even though there was no sign of rain or floods that would come. His faith clearly showed how unbelieving the other people were, and therefore they cannot make excuses now. Noah showed that trust in God frees one before God.

* Receive Eternal Life by Obedience * - God told Abraham that he should take his good and go to a far-away place that God would give him as a place of rest. Abraham did not know where it was, but obeyed his goodness and went.
Hebrews 11: 5-8 DB

Good morning Yvette,
That is how I see it:
We live in the last days. Just about all the prophecies of the Bible have already been fulfilled.
The rapture is for those who walk with God
Salvation comes through faith and the blood of Jesus. We flee in it and are saved as Noah in the ark.
Eternal Life - after that we receive eternal life because we have obedience in obedience.
The Lord is busy revealing things to you.
Nice day for you.

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