#Patience #Psalm_40:_1

Psalm 40: 1 KJV “I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

I know with experience that God works at His own time table and nothing I do can change it. Although there were times that I actually tried to make things happen. Of all the people I know, I am one of the most impatient people on this earth.

I have realized being impatient doesn’t make God work faster or do things to please me. No, God works at His own pace and I must wait.

In the scheme of things I have come to realize that I need to learn how to deal with people. I am learning how to schedule my time and not waste it by sitting around worrying about “what if.”  Then there is the thing about money, I need to keep to my budget because money doesn’t grow on trees and if I spend it wisely at least I will have money for the necessary things.

God has a set plan for each of our lives and in Isaiah 46 verse 10 He reminds me that “I made known the end from the beginning.” 

So here I am learning to be patient and my faith is being strengthen by trusting in God and I believe that His time will be right for my life.  Yes, I want things to happen a little faster but there is no way I can make it happen. God will open the doors at His own time.  My life is like a puzzle and each peace needs to fit in the right space.  My perspective is that I cannot see the entire picture and I don’t know all the peaces of my life.

God is looking down on my life and knows which peace fits in where and when the time is right He place the peaces together to form the picture.

Lord God please help me to trust in You and not stand on my own understanding. Help me to stay focused and stay patient as You work the good in my life. My life is in Your hands and I know that I can trust in YOU.  Amen


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