God's appointed time with my friends mom

Today I was listening to my friend tell me her story. We all have a story to tell.  Her's was about her dear old Mom.

Mom discovered that she had cervical cancer.  She described the constant pain she felt in her back just above her kidneys.  These pains were occurring now and then. One day her mom called her and told her that her periods returned.  She went to the clinic and they told her it was normal for old ladies to experience such things. The scary part was when it lasted over a month. She finally went to see a doctor at the hospital. Some tests were run and they discovered that she had cancer of the cervical.

Tears running down her faces as she explained what happened next.  The doctors adviced her mom to go to the Hospital and they performed a hysterectomy. She stayed on for a week and then they started her treatment. She went for chemotherapy and this lasted 6 months. Everybody was under the impression that mom was healed. 

It wasn't a month later when mom retained water and her feet started to swell.  Returning to the doctor they performed more tests and it was revealed that cancer spread and that her time was running out.

Holding her head in her hands she looked over her hands and took a deep breath. The illness is taking its toll on her mom.

The doctors explained to my friend that she would have to take care of her mom.  She had to buy pampers and look after her mom as she did her baby girl. Everday her mom's health failed. The doctor explained to my friend when death was imminent she would see a change in her mom's feet.

Still, in denial, she kept nursing her mom and doing the best she could for her dying mother. Her mom's health was failing, she stopped talking to her. She would only look at her daughter. She couldn't go to the toilet and she couldn't sit up and eat anymore. Her body became heavy and my friend told me she couldn't lift her body anymore. Still caring for her mother she knew the time was running out.  Her mom called out to her sister and my friend phoned her to come and see her sister. They decide to take her to the hospital and at the time her mother's body was bloated.  Her stomach was so swollen it seemed unnatural.  The doctor took something and punctured her mother's stomach and water poured out of her.  Everybody felt relieved believing she was going to get up from her sick bed.

In the evening the hospital phoned my friend telling her "your mom passed away." My friend said she knew she saw the signs.  The doctor explained that it would start with her feet.

Our appointed time with God isn't known to us but we do know we cannot escape this meeting.

My thoughts are with my friend and I pray the Lord will help her through her grief.


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