Spread your covering over me.

Ruth 3: 9 (NLV) “He said: “Who are you?” She answered:  “I am Ruth, your woman servant.  Spread your covering over me.  For you are of our family.”

Ruth followed her mother-in-law's instructions and waited for Boaz to eat and drink and be merry.  After he laid down she went quietly and opened his feet and lie down.  At midnight Boaz woke up and found her lying there and then he asked her who are you.

God love’s as very much but I know that He will not come and push His will onto anyone of us.  If we were to submit the same way that Ruth submitted to Boaz the Lord’s will place His covering over our lives.

When you think about where you find yourself right now, doesn’t it make sense to turn and come into the presence of the Most High God?  Would it be so difficult to actually submit to God who is omnipresent and who cares deeply for each one of us?


Heavenly Father, in humbleness we come into Your presence today, Lord we submit our lives fully into Your hands.  Lord, we want to ask You for Your covering over our lives.  Each day without You Lord is dreadful.  We pray for this covering in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen


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