Do you trust God, and do you obey Him immediately?

Ruth 3: 5 MSG “Ruth said, “If you say so, I’ll do it, just as you’ve told me.”

When you read this chapter in Ruth you will see that Noami is instructing her daughter-in-law to wash and put perfume on.  Then she needed to go to Boaz where he would be winnowing barley on the threshing floor.  She was to wait until he had eaten and finished drinking and take note of where he played down.  Ruth should then and uncover his feet and lie down.  Noami said that Boaz will tell her what to do.

Wow, this was huge, she had to fully trust that Naomi was sure she knew what she was talking about and then follow her mother-in-law's instruction to the “T.”

Here is the thing, when we get instructions from God, do we have the nerve to actually follow those instructions to the “T?”  You know that little voice which reminds you of something.  You can hear it, but do you listen?

To not obey the Lord God is something terrible and I promise you it will haunt you for a long, long time.  I know because I wasn’t always prepared to listen and the consequence thereof is huge.

While you are assessing your own life and thinking about things you should be doing for the Lord, I do want to encourage you to trust God, completely and to obey Him immediately.  Don’t wait, do it now!


Humbly Lord God, I come before You today guilty as charged for not always listening to You.  I realize that I make such huge mistakes and basically it’s by my own choice.  I think about the times You have spoken to me in an audible voice, I ignored You and did what I wanted to.  Please forgive me, in Jesus Christ’s Name, help me to act immediately when You instruct me.  You know best, thank You, Lord.  Amen


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