Fight against it and take it!

2 Samuel 12: 29 ESV “So David gathered all the people together and went to Rabbah and fought against it and took it.”

As I said life for me has become really difficult and to be honest I sometimes wonder what it is I didn’t learn the first time around.  I know that I am an impatient person.  I really find it too difficult to wait and will do whatever it take to make things go the way I want it.  Apparently, I am narrow-minded but very sharp.  Well, for me I don’t know if that is the truth. 

From my point of view, it seems that I am constantly fighting for the things that I want in my life.  I look at people around me and it seems that things fall into their laps.  I have to save and do whatever to get a specific thing I want.

As I think about the thing that is worrying me right now, I am not going to fight for it.  This same thing I am giving into the Lords Hand because I cannot make it happen even if I fought for it.


Heavenly Father, You know me better than anyone.  You know that I am desperate and I need You guidance and help with this matter I am facing this very minute.  I have been fighting this battle for a couple of years and now I cannot carry the burden anymore.  Please Lord in humility I give You this thing and I pray that You will lift if off me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen


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