Mercy "me"

James 2: 13 PHILLIPS “Anyway, you should speak and act as men who will be judged by the law of freedom.  The man who makes no allowances for others will find none made for him.  I am still true that “mercy smiles in the face of judgment.”

Showing mercy towards one another is probably one of the major factors in today life.  I have come to realize that many people are judgmental and have no consideration or mercy for their fellow man or woman.  Something happened a couple of days ago and it made me realize people don’t have mercy. 

Look at Matthew chapter 5 verse 7 TLB “Happy are the kind and merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.”  It is clear that the Lord God wants each one of us to be kind and merciful.  We should strive to be kinder to each other and show mercy before we start judging people.  We all know that the world we are living in is broken and God expect us to be merciful towards each other.

What a mighty God we serve, our God is so rich in mercy, and His love for us extended far beyond what we could every realize.  Yes, we were dead and doomed to our spiritual death of our sins that God gave us back our lives through the Lord Jesus Christ who was raised from the dead – only by his undeserved favor have we ever been saved. (Ephesians 2: 4-5)


Abba Father, LORD GOD, thank You for this lesson we are able to learn, open our hearts, souls, and minds to receive Your word on Mercy today.  Help us to extend mercy toward family, friend and whoever we meet.  In the precious name of the Lord JESUS Christ, Amen


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