Dealing with the Issue today.

Luke 6: 45 (NIV) “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.  For out of the overflow of his heart, his mouth speaks.”

You and I both know people are fickle and we all seem to carry around something that we just won't let go of.  The sad part in the story is that the longer you hold onto the destructive thought the more ingrained it becomes in your being. 

You will be talking about all kind of interesting things and something will trigger off a feeling or hurt and before you know it, you will be poured over the pain and disappointment you felt and still feel. 

Because your mind has a hard drive like your PC and you store up all the information and emotions in the hard drive.  Then on a day someone will click on the pause button and bam the hard drive is released and the information is running again.  You will be talking about the hardship you had to endure and the pain you feel and you will be reminding yourself and the other person of all the unfairness you are going through.  It’s time to clean that hard drive.  You need an antivirus to come and clean up the mess you are struggling to let go of.  The antivirus that you need is at your fingertips.  The Lord Jesus Christ.

The minute you pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ for help, He will help you.  The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ will clean you and help you with the reformatting of your hard drive.  Your heart.

You will then be able to speak to people openly and freely about the Lord Jesus and you will let go of past hurts and pains.  It will be pouring out of your mouth how great and awesome is the Lord Jesus.


Please Lord Jesus, I still am struggling to let go of past hurts and pain in my own life.  I am asking You humbly please help me reformat my heart and clean it up so that I am able to have a pure and clean heart before You.  I declare that You blood is cleaning my life this very minute, I accept that You are my Lord and my Saviour.  Amen


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