Taking Refuge

Ruth 2: 12 NIV “May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.”

Psalm 57: 1 NIV “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you, my soul takes refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.”

I feel that I am under the protection of the Almighty God and I believe that God covers me with His strength and that I am encircled by His mercy and love.  Many times I do not understand why things happen the way they are and what the purpose of it may be but today it is clear that I am under God’s protective hand.

I feel hurt and to be honest it isn’t easy for me to understand what to do next.  I am pressing into the LORD my God, Elohei Ma’uzzi the God of my strength.  Elohei Ma’uzzi I take refuge with You and I draw near to You today.  I declare and encircle my entire life with the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I press into You Elohei Ma’uzzi.


Elohei Ma’uzzi the God of my strength, today humbly Lord I come to You in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I pray please Lord God hold me close and never let me go.  I press into You today give me the strength to face today and guide me, show me the purpose of my life.  I encircle my life with the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen


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