Do Not Stop Praying!

1 John 3: 21-22 AMP “Beloved, if our heart does not convict us [of guilt], we have confidence [complete assurance and boldness] before God; and we receive from Him whatever we ask because we [carefully and consistently] keep His commandments and do the things that are pleasing in His sight [habitually] seeking to follow His plan for us].”

For a couple of days I felt so out of sync, you know I lost my rhythm and I just couldn’t see what the problem was.  I would start my day saying “thank You, Lord, for another day.”  Rising and it seemed I would get caught up in doing so many other things that I would forget what I was doing in the first place. 

As I reflect on the things that have become so “important” to me I have come to realize that I have stopped praying.  Taking the time to come and sit at the Lord’s feet.  Just being in His presence and speaking to Him about everything that I needed and wanted.

Thank the Lord for the “little voice” that reminds me, “Hey, aren't you going to make time for the Lord today?”  We see that the Lord Jesus disappeared early in the morning to go and speak privately with the Father, see Mark Chapter 1 verses 35 – 39 NIV. 

Only after the Lord had spent time in the Father’s presence was He ready to share with the people.


Please Lord, forgive me for not always being faithful when it comes to my prayer life.  Help me to stay focused on You, create a pure spirit within me and a clean heart.  Help me to seek You, early in the morning and late at night.  For You, Lord is the Light of my soul.  In the Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen


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