First Born

Romans 8: 29 ICB “God knew them before he made the world.  And God chose them to be like his son.  Then Jesus would be the firstborn of many brothers.”

Now for the changing and renewing of your mind, God has called you and now you are studying God’s word.  The Bible and today we are looking at the International Children's Bible version which is self-explanatory.  I do believe we all have all kinds of hangups.  So just after your rebirth, you will hear someone saying something like you are just like your mother or our family has been suffering from heart disease for many generations.  True, but didn’t you just change your life around?  Didn’t you just accept the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth into your own life? 

Yes, both you and I have been born into a sinful world, and we are sinners until we make that decision to become born again.  The minute you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you became born again. 

A renewing process is going to take place, you are going to have a hunger and thirst to read the Bible.  You will want to spend time with other believers and learn more about Jesus.  In the beginning, the Lord will answer many of your prayers so that You can see and get to know His voice.  A still soft voice.

Like the little sheep, you are looking around to see where your shepherd is, and you want to follow Him.

I want to encourage you today, keep on reading God’s word the Bible and keep on meditating on the word.  Write the scripture down and think about what it's saying to you.  Keep a journal and write down your prayers and answers you received.  Sometimes you loose yourself and need to remind yourself how far you have come.  See how God is leading and guiding you.  Do not stop keep moving forward each day, bit by bit.


Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, today we realize that You are God’s first born, we honor and worship You.  Lord, it is our heart's desire to become more and more like You.  We love You, we enjoy learning about You, please Lord we need the Holy Spirit in our own lives.  We call on You, send Your Spirit to help us.  Amen


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