And suddenly!

Isaiah 48:3Living Bible (TLB)

Time and again I told you what was going to happen in the future. My words were scarcely spoken when suddenly I did just what I said. 

This words still holds true for me, I was out of a job for a long time and thing just did not go my way.  I thought I had favor with people and it just wasn’t true.  I had people stab me in the back and left me out to die so to speak.

Each day I would take time and mediate on God’s Word, I would sit outside next to the swimming pool and read my Bible out load.  I heard God’s word and then suddenly I received a phone call asking me if I would like to come and work for a couple of months. 

Suddenly I had a job and I am good at my job.  I have favor with people I didn’t even know I had.  God worked supernaturally in my favor.  Life is good and I am expecting more and more suddenly favour from my living God.

Lord God thank You that You time and again reminded me that my future is in Your hands.  Thank You Lord that Your words were scarcely spoken when suddenly YOU did just what You said.  In Jesus Name Amen

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