Favor and Increase!

Jeremiah 29: 11 (NLT)

11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Are you waiting to come into the supernatural favor of our LORD?  We know that God will work together the right time and right people and circumstances for your and my success.  

I too trust the LORD God to work in my favor, I want to build a legacy for my own children, in the mean time I am waiting on the LORD God.

As I sit here I believe the LORD God will work out something spectacular for me going forward, God knows my heart’s desire and my dreams.  God is working in my favor and I believe that I will receive increase to such an extent that I will be able to help others.

Take heart and be encouraged today, God is good and he has a good plan in place for both you and me.  Our future is favored by God.


Abba Father we love You, not because You are able to change our circumstances because YOU are the only one we can trust.  Lord we worship and honor You today and thank You for breaks and opportunities You have placed before us and created open doors for our good.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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