# Half a century Old Woman - Teehee me

The fear of growing older is something that plagues me constantly, fine lines that appear around my eyes, silver hair that shows up all the time.  My body is changing constantly and I feel like I am aging faster each day.

The thing that caught me today is my eye sight is not as it used to be, sometimes I find that I can see well enough and then suddenly its blurry.  I wonder how many people experience these kinds of symptoms.

I would not say that I am obese but I have put on a couple of pounds, I definitely am not as skinny as I used to be but I really don’t mind.  Gives me a little meat on the necessary areas ha ha.

My moods has also changed somewhat, I want to be a good person, I strife to be kind, I want to be friendly, compassionate and understanding.  I don’t want to be remembering as mean, unkind and unhelpful.  So guess what I am working on my self-talk, reminding myself to watch my mouth and see that I don’t hurt people intentionally.

The fact that I am a senior citizen is scary but what the heck, we are all aging and time is running out.  So on my side I make it my business to constantly speak to God, asking for advice, waiting for guidance, waiting for help and assistance with my way of thinking and most of all trusting in God for His supernatural favour in my own life.

Well this is my day today, I hope you enjoyed hearing from this old woman’s day. 

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