Happy Birthday Mommy - your days are still important

#1 – 2 – 3 Great Weekends

As we approached the Town house I saw my mom walking towards the car she looked demure and pretty, and her graceful picture of black and white skinny pants and shirt let her stand out.  Her graceful appearance and the smile upon her face was absolutely glowing.

As I got out of the car and hugged her, kissed her and wished her a happy birthday.  She looked so happy to see me and my husband.  We all walked back toward the gated and greeted my stepdad whom himself looked so dashing.  

God surely looked down upon us and it was clear we were where we were supposed to be this weekend.  She served us something to drink while we sat in front of the fire waiting for my sister to arrive we chatted.

Before long my sister arrived and we all enjoyed catching up and just having a wonderful time, the men braaied the meat and we all visited and enjoyed the beautiful day.

The day turned out excellent, everybody had such a lovely time.  We finally enjoyed our lunch and after cake we all took too the road.  Time was running out and we needed to go home.  Back to our normal routine filed days.

God has smiled upon my mom and I believe she will enjoy many, many more to come.  She is a blessing and a wonderful person.  Our lives will be empty without her in them.

The great weekends are still lying ahead of us and we are all looking forward to living excited lives.

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