#Tuesday { Heart – to – heart }

Attitude meter

My dad always used to say ‘your attitude determine your altitude’ and that is so true, if you have a bad attitude it will bring you down from where you find yourself.  You just cannot do things and are in an impossible mood.  You cannot focus and life seems to be too difficult to deal with.

Watching a TV drama they showed how the pilot of the plain tried to level the plain according to the ‘attitude meter’.  While watching this it reminded me that each and every day we need to level out our attitudes.  You need to have some sort of balance in your own life.  No one can be chirpy all day long, it just isn’t natural (I would start wondering what’s the person taking).

How do I level out my attitude?

1                 Balance in life is important and I believe in starting my day right, with prayer and focusing on my daily word for the day.
2                 Reminding myself ‘that no one is out to get me’; people don’t always have a hidden agenda, trust them.
3                 Being friendly and understanding is important, it changes other peoples point of view in that instance.
4                 Stay focused on the positive, dismiss the negative and keep up at working at excellence.

You are a blessing, God has a purpose for you today, keep your attitude positive, smile and work on your excellence.

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