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Daily Devotional Ebenezer

My first book is published today, what an experience I have feelings of excitement and also feeling of being overwhelmed. A mixture I can hardly explain to you. I know it is cliché to say I feel butterflies in my stomach and my hands are clammy.  That's is my experience right now.

November 9
Jesus’ friend
John 15:15 (TLB)
15I no longer call you slaves, for a master, doesn’t confide in his slaves; now you are my friends, proved by the fact that I have told you everything the Father told me.
We are no longer slaves the Lord Jesus has confided in each of us and we have a relationship with the Lord. As a friend, we can now come and sit with the Lord Jesus and talk to Him about everything in our lives. We know this because the Word states it very clearly and we can come into His presence.
Think about your friends around you, you call them constantly telling them little things of importance in your lives. You share all the funny jokes and laugh about good things taking place and when you feel sad you also share with your friends. Hopefully, they are there to cheer you up again. Prayer
O Lord, thank You, for the knowledge we have in knowing You are our friend. Lord Jesus as a friend today I pray for You supernatural blessings in my life and that of my friend with me. Thank You, I praise You, Lord Jesus. Amen ~ November 9

Daily Devotional Ebenezer is aimed at people who want to spend a couple of minutes reading scripture and taking in someone’s personal experience for that day with a short prayer. 

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