Put on a garment of supernatural favor.

Genesis 39: 21
“But the Lord was with Joseph,
and shewed him mercy,
and gave him favor
in the sight of the keeper
of the prison.”

Today I want to put on a garment of supernatural favor.  The first thing people come into contact with will be my shield of favor.  How is this possible? I believe that I am the righteousness of God in Christ.  I believe that I am accepted and righteous through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Today I believe I enjoy God’s favor which surrounds me like a shield and is the first thing people come into contact with.

I am dressed for success and I feel that I am able to motivate and inspire each one of you.  Look what the LORD did for Joseph when he was in prison.  Joseph had supernatural favor with the prison keeper. 

God stretches each one of us sometimes we feel that we are on the edge of a difficult situation and then we become fearful.  Stop don’t be afraid because God is in control He will catch you if you fall and if not you will be strengthened in the process.


Lord, humbly I come and put on your garment of supernatural favor for my own life.  Lord, I am clothed with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Covered from head to toes please show favor and mercy to each person reading this blog today.  Holy Spirit touches each person lives and guides them in the Holy name of Jesus Christ.  Amen


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