Bouncing Back

Psalm 71: 20
“You who have shown me many
troubles and distresses
will revive me again,
and will bring me up again
from the depths of the earth.”

These couples of years have been a merry-go-round in my life.  Some days were good and some days were not so good.  I had to cope with stepchildren that didn’t understand me.  The challenge of rearing these kids was something else.  Can you believe 7 years down the line and I feel I haven’t made any inroads.  I am still persevering and will win them over.

Something that you don’t know is when you are used to being around people every day and even if you don’t talk to them they are there.  Then I found myself all alone, no one to talk to during the day, it was just me and my thoughts.

It’s during these quiet time you start reflecting on your life and then you became aware of the mistakes and sins in your life.  It took me such a long time to get over myself and bouncing back wasn’t that easy.  I have trusted in God to help me bounce back.

I am so glad I can call on God and He will help me going forward.


Lord God, thank You so much for this experience, I ask that You will open my eyes and help me to see what You want me to see. Lord God is there anything You want to say to me?  Please open my ears to Your voice, let me hear You please Lord.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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