Psalm 37: 3
“Trust in the LORD
and do good.
Then you will live
safely in the
land and prosper.”

It’s Christmas time and we are all gearing up for the festive season. I do want to remind you today that we must stay focused and remember the reason for this season.  The Lord Jesus was born and we are celebrating His birth.  Let us not forget that our hope lay in the LORD always. 

As you enjoy time with your family and friends remember that we should place our complete confidence and trust in our God. Today I want to encourage you to do good things for others and to stay connected to the LORD.  Reading His Word each and every day.  We are feeding on the scripture and we are going to grow spiritually.

LORD, we place our hope in You and we know that You are keeping us safe each day.  Thank You that You are allowing our land to prosper.  For the good rains and great harvests.


Abba Father, our hope is in You.  We worship and adore You, we bring You honor and glory.  We praise Your Holy Name, we pray Holy Spirit come and fill our lives so that we may be accepted before the LORD.  O Lord thank You for making me righteous and accepted through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  I am blessed and highly favored by You.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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