#Tuesday #prayer

1 Samuel 1: 11
“And she vowed a vow and said,
“O LORD of hosts, if you will
indeed look on the affliction of
your servant and remember me
and not forget your servant,
but will give to your servant a son,
then I will give him to the
LORD all the days of his life,
and no razor shall touch his head.”

Praying should be part of our Christian walk each and every day.  We see Hannah praying asking God to bless her life with a son.  Her earnest prayer is answered and she does bear a child.

It is no secret I have been really praying for my attitude and the way I view people.  The people that disappointed me is now in the past and I am moving forward.

My prayer today is asking the LORD of hosts if there is anything He wants to say to me.  I want to know if there is anything I need to know that I’m not thinking about. 

I am also praying that the LORD of hosts will open my eyes so that I may see the wonderful truth in the LORD of host’s law. (Psalm 119: 18)

I believe you also need to pray about the things in your own life as well as your family and friends.


Heavenly Father, LORD of hosts, I want to humbly pray and ask You is there anything You want to say to me.  LORD of hosts, is there anything I need to know that I’m not thinking about.  Because I feel that I cannot do anything without Your hand of protection and guidance in my own life, I am asking You today.  LORD hears my call, open my eyes and let me see what You want me to see. 

You know my heart LORD and I come humbly before YOU today and thank YOU for Your loving-kindness and generosity towards someone like me in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen

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