Jeremiah 15: 1 AMP
“Then the LORD said to me,
“Even though Moses and Samuel were to stand
before Me[interceding for them],
My heart would still not be
[turned with favour]
towards this people[Judah].
Send them away from My presence and out of My sight
and let them go!”

The LORD said even if Moses and Samuel came and prayed about this people, I will not change my mind God is truly angry. We know that Samuel prayed for rain and it rained. We also know that the LORD Jesus used to get up early in the morning and pray.

It is my desire to pray as often as possible but that’s not the point, I want my prayers to count, I don’t have ‘clout’ like Moses or Samuel. I don’t have the ability to move mountains but I can ask for help.
We need to be saturated with our prayer life so that when something happens we don’t have to quickly come and say a rushed prayer. No, we should also make the time to pray and ask God to be our protection, our helper and our salvation.


Abba Father, O Lord, please teach us to pray in all humility and with honest hearts, check our motives and help us come to You in humble prayer. Holy Spirit please help us because You know what we are trying to say, speak on our behalf in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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