I feel like the odds are stacked against me.

Exodus 14: 14 AMP
“The LORD will fight for you while you
[only need to] keep silent
and remain calm.”

We all go through life with all kinds of “hang-ups” I am no different. Today it feels like the odds are stacked against me and that there is no way forward for me. I didn’t plan on things to work like this but again I am reminded of something called consequences.

If you think you can get away from this little word “consequences” I want to give you a short message, you will reap what you sow. Good or bad, whatever you say will catch up with you and whatever you do will impact you going into your future. Be warned.

Because I feel that all the odds are stacked against me my only refuges is the LORD. I cannot change my past, I made mistakes and have to live with them. It drives me up the wall at times but I want to say this much. I pray for God’s hand over my life.

I feel that God is reminding me to “be still and trust in HIM.” My only way out is through God and no other way.


LORD humbly I come into Your presence today, please bear with me. I feel that the odds are stacked against me, I am struggling to relax and I feel all alone. I need Your help today. I need You to help me, in my quiet time I am waiting for You to help me. Please LORD, I need You to stand up in my defence and rescue me in Jesus Christs name. Amen


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