Stay consistent.

Philippians 1: 27
Only conduct yourselves in a manner
worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether
I come and see you or remain absent,
I will hear of you that you are standing
firm in one spirit, with one mind striving
together for the faith of the gospel;

It is my desire to become more and more like the Lord Jesus, but I know that I fail every day. It’s easy to say these words “become more like the Lord Jesus” but the truth is it isn’t that easy. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and I try and imitate Him as best I can and I actually fail. I believe with the help of the Holy Spirit I will get there at some stage but all in good time.

In the meantime I need consistency in my life and I like things to go according to plan. I don’t like chaos and mayhem it makes me feel uncomfortable. Something I also realized is that people tend to watch me. How I speak to them, what I say and how I act around people. It is difficult because I do have my off days.

In my mind I am striving towards the LORD and I want to grow spiritually, I feel that I am very fanatic and that I am constantly thinking and meditating on God and His word.


Lord Jesus, it is my desire to follow You and I so want to be more like You. Holy Spirit please help me to stay consistent and to hold onto Your Word. I love You Lord with all of my heart, soul and mind. Amen


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