Husbands and Wives

Genesis 3: 6
“She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate.”

Most women are curious and want what they cannot have. Satan must have been watching Eve while she was walking through the garden. Both Adam and Eve must have stood in front of the tree of the forbidden fruit admiring it.

Adam was instructed in the beginning never to eat the fruit in the middle of the garden. God said that Adam would surely die. Satan was watching Eve and knew she loved beautiful things. It would be easy to trick her into disobeying God.

The three of them were looking at the beautiful fruit in the tree and Satan said to Eve “You will not die if you eat this fruit.”

Adam stood right next to Eve when she reached out her hand and picked the fruit. She took a bite and gave it to Adam. What happened? Adam never reminded Eve of God’s instruction. Adam disobeyed God when he allowed Eve to eat the fruit.

God has a specific structure in place for married couples. The husband is the head of the household and then his wife and children. In honouring God we must honour our husbands. They are the head of our household who set the example for our kids. In John 10 verse 10 we read that when a husband is truly submitted to Christ, he can protect his family. I want to encourage husbands to submit their lives to Christ and take charge of their homes. Wives you need to encourage and pray for your husbands to trust in God and submit to Him. 


Father God humbly we submit our marriages to You. Please guide our husbands and teach them the proper way in protecting and looking after our homes. I dedicate our husbands to Your hands today drawing them into Your kingdom, in the holy name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.


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