Present your case.

Isaiah 41: 21
“Submit your case,” says the LORD.
“Present your arguments,”
says Jacob’s King.

Let’s come boldly into the throne room of the LORD and present our arguments to Him. I want to present my case to Him concerning my job. I also want to present my case to Him about my relationships, and then my material needs.

See what it states in Job 22 verse 28 “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you, and the light [of God’s favour] will shine upon your ways.” It is my desire that the things that have been taken away from me by locates be replaced. The losses I suffered are returned to me.

I am presenting my case to God and trust and believe that He will help me. In Revelations, we see there is a tree planted next to the living water-bearing 12 fruits, and it bears fruit 12 times in a year. From where I am standing it means every month of the year it bears fruit.


Heavenly Father, LORD I come boldly into Your throne room, I clothe myself with the LORD Jesus Christ. I declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and I want to argue my case before YOU. LORD You know the problems I face and what my life is like. Please, LORD, I need an intervention in my life. I am asking also that YOU hear me. I am in need of a number of things. I am asking YOU please help me. Amen


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