Hebrews 13: 4 INV

Marriage should be honoured by all, 
and the marriage bed kept pure,
 for God will judge the adulterer 
and all the sexually immoral.

I used to sing the song “Love Hurts” all the time when I was married for the first time by Roy Orbison. This song spoke to my heart and I would try and understand my own life from the perspective of the song. The funny thing is that you cannot build a relationship with any song.

I was married for 21 years which to me was a lifetime and during the last couple of years, I just couldn’t get through all the hurt, pain and suffering. I spoke to so many important people and I prayed and cried and things just never worked out. I broke down and divorced my husband.

In the later years, I met someone really stunning my second husband. We get on like a “house on fire” and we also have problems but I do believe it’s about attitude. Working on our marriage is important to me and I try and understand his point of view. I know he loves me and goes over and above when it comes to my needs. God is good and has given me someone so special and I love and appreciate him.


Lord, we thank You for second chances in life with our marriages and with our families. Lord bless our marriages because our children need that foundation to get married one day. We set the example and they follow in our footsteps. Please help us to show compassion, listen and love each other with an unconditional love. We pray this in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


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